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Round Table of the Light Brigade

Episode Summary

Episode 44: Welcome to Heal Into Happy, I'm your host Lark Allen. Today I want to share a special episode of the round table of the light brigade, with my special guests, Charlyn Papaccio-DiLorenzo, Brandon Muschenick and Peter Angelo. We are all coming together at the round table to just share that it is possible to create space to have a soul tribe and get activated and magnetized together, that's exactly what happened with all of us. We are all calling in our higher selves to have a completely downloaded and logical round table. Listen in...

Episode Notes

• Yeah, that's great, that's definitely something to give us hope and know that we're always guided, were always surrounded by ourselves and our guides, and that there's no doubt when you know what you know, you know? And these are just affirmations, you know? Yes, and we all seem to know what we don't know, at least that's true for me. I call it Remember... We already know all there is to know. We just have forgotten it here in our 3D reincarnation Al cycle and loop that we've been in for so long, so now it's time to remember what our true selves are and what we really are. And to let that shine out above the 3-D linear material existences that we thought we were here for, from the time we grew up... (03:20)

• So you don't have any limits, there's no space, there's no time, there's no barriers to where you can go as your true energetic self, you are a being of light energy, and for us to reach somebody that seemingly thousands of miles away is just as easy as picking up the phone and calling somebody. Why don't you send out your light is received, it is recognized, it's received, and it's trusted in that internal soul level, when you take your head mind out of it and proceed only with your heart mind, which is your soul mind, that everything is easy to know and to sense and there doesn't even have to be a level of trust, like when ego is involved.  (09:25)

• We're multi-dimensional beings with no limits, no boundaries, we jump from reality to reality when we're asleep, when our bodies are sleeping here, and we can do that in our normal state outside of this world. So that's what I will say about that. Consider that, take it into your soul and know that I say that was love and a total understanding that is going to confuse people, and it's going to fry a couple of noodles initially, trust me when I tell you it's true, the only true reality that exists, that you will ever be, is the light. And everything else that you see, think or perceive is illusion, and it's temporary.  (20:47)

•  The intent from the beginning, that's why there's four of us, so we can have... As the four mirrors are on that same disco ball that I talk about, and they're right next to each other, right? They're glued on to the same little square pot of disco ball, but they each have their own... They're seeing the same thing, but they have their own little angle because the ball is around, so they have to have a slightly different angle, even if they're two mirrors right adjacent to each other touching each other, they still have a slightly different take on that very same thing that they know and see. So that's the intent of the four of us being here so that maybe whoever is listening can grab something from each person's little vocalization of it... (32:11)

•  I think a really great thing to interject into this right now is an inspired action step, which I love to give my listeners. And that is, if you're feeling any resistance around anything that we're saying, then that is what we would call a trigger, and our triggers are a places that are craving to be explored, and so a wonderful way to do that is by journaling and getting down to the basis of everything, which is community and which is love. And so you can journal. And what is the thing that you're desiring the most in the world? Write that out, and then ask yourself to go deeper, and as you're going deeper, you're dropping more out of your head and your egoic mind and into the heart space, that is the center of us, where our soul resides and where we are able to really feel the love that we've been infusing into this podcast. And so go deeper and say, Well, why do I want that? And then journal that out and you're going deeper and you're going deeper and you're going deeper, and in the end, it's just you in the present moment, and you're speaking and you're desiring to feel how loved you already are by God and to find a community where that is being reflected back to you. (47:24)



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